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Our Harrogate Handyman Service is ideal for all those small jobs around the house. From hanging pictures and mirrors, curtain poles too general household repairs. Yes, all those odd jobs you don’t have time to do. We have all the tools in our vans to cover most odd jobs that need doing. Plus we are not bothered how small they are.

Can You Fit New Curtain Poles?

Yes our Handyman service covers this. We use a laser level to ensure that the bracket are all level. We also carry on our van various fittings for the wall fitting. You may find that your walls are plasterboard instead of solid brick. Special fixings are need for plasterboard to ensure the curtain pole does not come off. We carry in stock a number of fixings.

My Shower Tray Leaks. Can You Fix It?

This is a common job that we come across. Normally the leak is caused by water getting behind the old sealant. We can fix this! We will remove the old silicone sealant, then clean the area. After cleaning, we tape the area to be sealed and apply the new silicone. Using special tools and skill, we smooth the new silicone, this gives a professional finish. Then we remove the tape and dispose of all the rubbish. Price for this service is between £50 Р£60, depending on the size of the shower tray.

I Have Mould in my Tile Grout. Can This Be Removed or Cleaned?

This is a good question and it will depend on if the mold has penetrated. You could try a “Mould Killer”, something like Polycell Mould Killer. However, if this does not work you will need to re-grout the affected area. Bathrooms and shower rooms normally suffer from mould. The common cause of mould is the lack of ventilation. So if you don’t have one installed, get an electrician to fit one. If your bathroom does need re-grouting we have all the correct tools to do the work.

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