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Searching For Decorators in Harrogate?

Quality internal and external painting and decorating in Harrogate. Sometimes trying to find quality decorators in Harrogate can be difficult. Who do you trust? What is the quality of their work like? Clearly, anyone can buy a cheap car or van, a few paint brushes and pots of paint and hey presto they are a decorator. You never know who might turn up at your front door to do your internal painting and decorating. Maybe someone with no experience?

If you are looking for top quality decorators in Harrogate, Claxton and Palmer is the company for you. On the other-hand if you are searching for someone to slap a bit of paint on your walls, we are not the painters and decorators you are looking for. We take pride and time with all our painting and decorating jobs. PLUS we use the correct materials as well, many don’t.

Getting That Perfect Finish!

To get that perfect finish we use quality paint, which is available in a variety of colours. Paint brushes from only the best paint brush manufacture, Purdy. Painter rollers from Hamilton give us the edge on our finish over any other decorator.

It's All Down To The Preparation

There are many reasons to spend time in the preparation. Above all, it produces and outstanding finish. This is why we spend a few days filling in cracks, lightly sanding woodwork and blending in chips and holes. For larger holes we tend to use bonding plaster, with either a finishing plaster or Gyproc Easifill. We love Gyproc Easifill, it’s a GREAT! product.

Getting Rid Of Those Stains

If there are any stains or water marks on your walls/ceilings we can treat those as well. B.I.N Zinsser. It is a Shellac-based primer, sealer and stain killer. Suitable for use on interior surfaces and spot priming of exterior surfaces.

Once all the prep-work is out the way, we can begin to magically transform your home.

So Your Search For Painters & Decorators in Harrogate is Over. You've Found Us

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