Decorating, it’s our Fort

We love painting and decorating, it’s where our business started from, a simple painting and decorating job. Over the years we have learnt on the job and perfected our skills plus gained knowledge about the materials and paints we use.

In the picture above we were asked to repaint all the windows, ceiling, coving and skirting. Now here is the difference between Claxton and Palmer of Harrogate and some other “Painter and Decorators”.

Firstly, we prepare all the woodwork by lightly sanding to provide a key for the new paint to adhere to. Secondly, flaky paint is removed and any mould, rot or decay is treated and or filled. Once we have completed those important stages we move onto the next, “Masking up”. Prior to masking up, we clean down all the paintwork, remove any dirt and vacuum the areas to be painted. Next stage undercoat and top coats!

Unlike 10 years ago paint technology has changed for the better. However, it is important to know when and where to use the correct paint for the job. With our expertise in paints, water-based, oil based, even chalk paints, we can guide you in the right direction for the best paint for your home.

If you are looking for a quality painter and decorator with attention to detail then please give us call.


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